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General Questions

What films has Scarlet Letters worked on?
Please see a summary of film titles we've had the privilege of contributing to under the FILM TITLES tab.
Are you incorporated?
Yes. We are a California registered corporation.
Can we get a W-9?
You can email us via contact tab or call and we can fax or email you a W-9.
What is your street address?
Scarlet Letters
4640 Lankershim Blvd.
Suite 120
North Hollywood, CA
How can we get a job quote?
Please contact us via email or telephone with inquiries.
Why don't you feature quicktimes on your website?
We don't feel quicktimes at web resolution and formatting are accurate representations of our work.

How long does it take?

What is normal turnaround for an end title?
Turnaround times vary, we'd prefer to address project by project.

File Uploads

Do you have an FTP site?
We set up project specific sites for better security. You can access our secure server for uploads or downloads after we've set it up and sent you the login information.

File Delivery

How do you typically deliver your end titles?
Most end title renders are many gigabytes in size and deliver to facilities on portable drives which we provide.

Format / Capability Questions

Do you work on 3D (stereoscopic) titles?
Yes, we've worked on main and end titles for stereoscopic films. Please see OUR SERVICES > END TITLES > 3D STEREOSCOPIC.